Time for More Blueberry Patches!

Alternate Titles for Today’s Berry Blog:

Time for More Irrigation Lines!

Time for More Irrigation Lines So We Can Plant More Blueberry Patches!

Time to Play Around With a Dirt Scooper Thingee!

We’ll go with the third one, because I have more pictures of that. But I’ll leave the existing title for Today’s Berry Blog, because ultimately that’s what’s happening. Yes! More blueberry patches! More blueberries! Longer growing season! We planted many different cultivars in Patch 1, and we’ve decided to create two more patches, using the Legacy and Blue Ray. These blueberries are amazing – big, juicy, and full of flavor!

But let’s get back to the alternate title for Today’s Berry Blog. Time to Play Around With a Dirt Scooper Thingee!

First, some lessons:


No, I did not dig that trench.

Up and down, left and right…got it! I’m ready! Let’s go!


I’m not actually sure if I had dirt in the scooper thingee or not.

Do you see Patch 1 in the background? They’ve only been in the ground since April – just a little over five months! Lookin’ good! Lookin’ real good!

What a fun day! I think I’ll write a song:

If I had a dirt scooper thingee,
I’d scoop in the morning,
I’d scoop in the evening,
All over this land.



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