Our First Farmers’ Market!

Today, we took 42 pints of blueberries from Patch 1 to the Cherry Street Farmers’ Market at 15th and Peoria in Tulsa.


Yes, I know that’s only 12 pints in the picture.

We picked them all last night, directly into the clamshell containers, and loaded ’em up.


It says, “We tickle ’em so they’re sweet for you!”

Then, this morning, we arrived before the sun, and got setup and ready to sell. We ended up selling out within – well, it’s under dispute – Mom says we sold out in two hours, I say we sold out in one hour. Either way, it was a smashing success, even though we were selling only 42 pints of blueberries, compared to everyone else’s silos of produce. We felt a little small today, but we know there’s more to come!

Oh and BTW – come visit us at the farm to pick some blueberries! U-Pick is $21 for a full, level, one-gallon bucket. We-Pick is $6 for a quart.

See you soon!


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