It’s Pie Day!

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So I’ve known about all these social media thingamabobs for a while, but I figured it was time to get Huldy’s Farm into the 21st century. I swear it sounds like I planned it like this, but I really didn’t! Honest! Here’s how it went down.

It’s Monday. The start of the work week and a good day to get all signed up across the internet. So that’s what I did. I started with Twitter, and after I signed up, it showed me trending hashtags. The first one was #PiDay. I’m nerdy, so I like things like Pi Day. But it didn’t occur to me until then that it was March 14. Pi Day.


I prefer Pie Day.

Let’s just say I’m not very good with dates. I remember once being in downtown Tulsa and seeing some booths being set up for some sort of festival, and my first knee-jerk reaction was: yay, it must be time for Mayfest! It was an unseasonably warm day in January. But January, nonetheless. There is no Januaryfest.

Anywho, considering my clumsiness with calendars, I thought it was quite appropriate that our social media presence (past Facebook) was established on Pi Day, unplanned.

The only bad thing about Pi Day: it’s not during berry season! Do you still have frozen strawberries and blackberries from last year? I don’t – but the season is starting soon! Maybe one last clamshell of grocery store strawberries, just to tide me over. Bleh.