It’s Blueberry Planting Time, Again!

Today we got Patch 2 and Patch 3, the two newest blueberry patches, all planted, in the ground, watered, the whole nine yards! Needless to say it was a long day and not many pictures were taken, but here’s one of me hauling blueberry plants with Grandpa Johnson’s old John Deere tractor:

IMG_2785 (2)

The seat is the bouncy kind!

And that’s that! These patches will start producing blueberries in a couple years, but in the meantime, put on your calendar that Summer of 2012 will be the first time for blueberries from Patch 1! We’ll keep you posted here on when the season starts, and when you can get your hands on some blueberries.

Happy planting!


Time for More Blueberry Patches!

Alternate Titles for Today’s Berry Blog:

Time for More Irrigation Lines!

Time for More Irrigation Lines So We Can Plant More Blueberry Patches!

Time to Play Around With a Dirt Scooper Thingee!

We’ll go with the third one, because I have more pictures of that. But I’ll leave the existing title for Today’s Berry Blog, because ultimately that’s what’s happening. Yes! More blueberry patches! More blueberries! Longer growing season! We planted many different cultivars in Patch 1, and we’ve decided to create two more patches, using the Legacy and Blue Ray. These blueberries are amazing – big, juicy, and full of flavor!

But let’s get back to the alternate title for Today’s Berry Blog. Time to Play Around With a Dirt Scooper Thingee!

First, some lessons:


No, I did not dig that trench.

Up and down, left and right…got it! I’m ready! Let’s go!


I’m not actually sure if I had dirt in the scooper thingee or not.

Do you see Patch 1 in the background? They’ve only been in the ground since April – just a little over five months! Lookin’ good! Lookin’ real good!

What a fun day! I think I’ll write a song:

If I had a dirt scooper thingee,
I’d scoop in the morning,
I’d scoop in the evening,
All over this land.



It’s Blueberry Planting Time!

After 3 rotations of cover crops to enrich the soil, the time has finally arrived to plant the very first blueberry patch at Huldy’s Farm! The plants arrived a couple weeks ago.


There are more plants in that truck bed than meets the eye.

Did you notice that patch of snow atop the side of the truck bed? Alas, we cannot plant these plants right away. What’s a lady to do with 360 blueberry plants that need to be tended to, watered, talked to?


A better view of the snow

That’s right, you move them into your house. Inside.


Again, more plants than it looks like.

Then, there comes a time in every blueberry plant’s life when it needs to move out of the house, get its own patch of land, and make a living. Yesterday, that day arrived for 360 blueberry plants that had spent two weeks playing video games and getting crumbs in the sofa cushions.


Planting the very first blueberry plant!

By the end of the day, we got 360 blueberry plants in the ground. This year and next year, we’ll remove the blooms that grow on the plants, preventing the berry from growing. We do this so the plant can grow and receive nutrients, and then in 2012, we’ll let them grow! It won’t be a big enough crop to have customers yet – we’re projecting 2013 for the first year of customers.

Maybe we’ll keep a couple of blooms on. Just a couple.