A Soggy Ending for Strawberries and the Beginnings of Blackberries

What a wonderful start to the 2015 season…and what a crazy end. What was supposed to be 4-5 weeks of strawberry pickin’ has now ended due to the insane amounts of rain we’ve been getting lately. I’m not sure what Mother Nature has in mind this year – she’s already taken the blueberries before they could even grow, and now we only get 9 strawberry days.

Fear not, berry eaters, for the blackberries are on their way!


3 of 42 rows of blackberries

We’ll keep you posted here and on Facebook when the blackberries start ripening, most likely in the first couple weeks of June. Last year they lasted until the first part of August, so hopefully all this rain will slow down.

If not, we’re building an ark and gathering people and animals. Except snakes.